The Knitting Bee LLC

I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself: I’m Valerie Zahm, the owner of The Knitting Bee LLC.  My cohorts are Brad (husband) and Piper (our dog).  I have taught Brad the important terms in the fiber arts like “yarn barf” and “bolero” and he is really helpful when it comes to sizing.  Piper helps with my sanity when it comes to all the color combinations and stitches available.  Without her, I would be completely overwhelmed!

I learned to crochet first from my Grammom (grandmother) when I was in grade school.  I started by just making chains that Grammom would finish into blankets the size of washcloths for my stuffed animals.  I began knitting while completing my Bachelors in Studio Art at Hartwick College and learned more techniques through the years via books and magazines until the internet made self-learning easily accessible.

When I was in my 30s, I really became an avid knitter, taking a project with me wherever I went (luckily, I don’t get carsick!).  I have realized the importance of the craft, now more than ever, and how it can help me as well as others.  I hope to spread my joy to the surrounding community!

When I’m not knitting, spinning, crocheting, or untangling yarn, I’m running outside, working in the garden, and spending time with my family.

Learn ~ Love ~ Create.


Thanks for visiting!  ~Valerie

Brad, Valerie, and Piper